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Adhacked Review – Sponge Towels SWAT Pockets

These sponge towels may be ready when you aren’t, but we weren’t ready to see this ad. And we aren’t sure we ever will be.

The insight is that paper towels are needed on hand for when life happens.  We can relate.

The emotional connection is lacking, and that’s because this is a very functional ad depicting the different product benefits (as played by humans). The grown ‘kinda creepy’ men running into the kitchen where there are small children eating is not something we can relate to or connect with.

The single message is that these sponge towels are ready when you aren’t.  We get it.

Branding is carried throughout, but dressing older men as the paper towels themselves isn’t endearing us to this brand.

This ad is consistent with some of the other recent work we’ve seen from Sponge Towels, but we don’t think this campaign idea is an appealing one.

Consistently bad doesn’t mean that consistency is good in this example.

The look, feel, and tonality is a bit scary, a little creepy, and does not motivate us to purchase this product.

One thing that may have helped this spot have a completely different feel but communicate the same message would be to use a different sex and or age cohort for the ‘real-life’ paper towels. It may have even turned it cute had it been younger talent dressed up.