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Adhacked Review – Canadian Tire Red Door to Rio

Canadian Tire strikes again – an emotional chord that is! They successfully took a corporate sponsorship of the Olympics and turned it into something meaningful versus simply throwing their logo on a bunch of merchandise and point-of-sale material.

The insight is that when our athletes are at the Olympics, their country isn’t there and there’s a distance felt from the fans.

The Red Door to Rio connects us as fans to the Olympians and vice versa. It’s a spot that makes us pause, think and reflect.  It makes us proud. It makes us shiver. And it makes us fall in love with this brand even more.  Canadian Tire is effectively trying to make the country a better place with their recent calls to action.  It’s  anthemic. It’s a rallying cry.  It’s Canadian.

The single message is that we all play for Canada, regardless of our age or where we are. The red door gives us access to those we want close. It connects us and breaks down barriers of distance.

The ad is ownably Canadian Tire with an introduction to the brand at the start, the use of the red throughout, and the consistent call to action and emotional tone we’re now used to seeing from this brand.

Step up stand tall fellow Canadians.  Let’s make a difference together.