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Adhacked Review The Kia Chairlift Made To Conquer Winter

This ad makes us want to bundle up and get out there! Let’s face it, a steep mountain is difficult to climb, and when it comes to vehicles it’s usually only snow machines that can tackle this terrain. But the insight nailed here when KIA transports skiers up the Rockies is that we all want and need confidence in our vehicles to conquer the winter roads.  When we see the beautiful outdoors and get a close-up to real skiers on the slopes, embracing life and getting a ride in a KIA to ascend the mountain, we get emotionally hooked and engaged in the story.

The single message is that KIA All Wheel Drive models Sportage and Sorento can handle the winter.

The branding in this spot is done extremely well, with an intro to the KIA chairlift right off the top, to the visual of both brand names and footage of the vehicles used as the heroes in the story.  The use of both brands means KIA is able to appeal to a broader audience with the same message. We don’t typically see a vehicle climbing the mountains, and we definitely haven’t seen one take skiers up the slopes, so the memorability and recall of this ad is big.

The spot delivers a consistent message with other branded KIA work – authentically communicating ‘The power to surprise’.

The look, feel, and tonality of the spot is big and bold, authentic and fresh.  The powerful imagery leaves us with an indelible impression in our minds.  Truly, the power to surprise.