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Adhacked Review Honey Nut Cheerios – Bring Back the Bees

The insight here is that the bees need to be saved, and we can all take some simple actions to help. This connects us instantly in an emotional way because the issue affects us all.  The ad is done in a manner that is educational, and disruptive, yet friendly and inviting to take action.

The single message is very clear – help save the bees.

The song choice and use of images throughout make this a very memorable ad and issue.

While we don’t see branding till the end, it drives brand recall because they successfully capture our attention till we get there.

This spot takes a different approach than what we’re used to seeing from Cheerios, but it’s ownable and they have executed it within a bigger campaign with elements that are all consistent, from pop-ups to new packaging.

This one left us with a terrific buzz for change.