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Adhacked Review M&Ms Outsourcing

M&Ms is making some great strides for a frozen food grocer, especially in a world where frozen is the antithesis of what’s on trend with food.

The stores are cleaner, the packaging is fresher, and the food items are healthier.  But we’ve adhacked this spot in particular because there’s a lot of real estate dedicated to a bad joke vs. the fantastic journey the brand has taken.

The insight is that we often don’t know what we’re serving for dinner each night.  There are stats that say by 4:10 on any given week day, it is still a question.  So we can relate.  But we don’t relate with any emotion that gives us goose bumps because we just don’t get the various calls to the various random rooms/people.  The brand lost us here.  If you can get past this, the pay-off is good with nice food photography and imagery that is fresh and clean, a good representation of their rebrand.

This is a spot where the ending is better than the beginning.  Our recommendation would be to serve up the insight with something that’s more relatable and emotional, something that would help make this spot more memorable to aid in ad recall and brand link.

The look, feel and tonality is consistent with the re-brand and we look forward to their next spot including humour with a little more bite.