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Adhacked Review Cavendish – Hand it to them

Farm to table, growers stories, and authenticity are all on trend when it comes to food, and this is the insight being leveraged here.

We know from the beginning who the ad is from, and we quickly move into real and vibrant footage from the farm.  The focus is on the brand’s years of experience, and we get connected emotionally, especially when we hear their humble approach and willingness to learning something new. We’re brought into the growers world where we feel good inside, and the brand completes the loop for us by turning the freshly grown potatoes into a portfolio of products for families to enjoy.

The single message is that they grow the best.  The spot is consistent with other work we’ve seen from this brand, including their packaging, where the story is always rooted in the farm. The ad is branded top to tail, ending with a product portfolio we all recognize. Look, feel, and tonality is fresh and authentic.  We gotta hand it to them for this one.