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Adhacked Review Schneider’s #ItsTradition

As Canadians, we love our traditions. And as social media becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, we tend to gravitate more to these traditions as a nice change of pace and a way to reconnect with loved ones.

This spot engages viewers from the very first scene – a man barbequing at a fun pool party and belting out “It’s tradition”.  We can relate. We like it. And we want more.  The spot gives us more through a string of vignettes showcasing many familiar traditions – all of them igniting an emotion within us.  The ad shows us our life, even if it’s one we simply aspire to. The insight here is that we love traditions, and the product portfolio (shown subtly throughout) has been an important invited guest to these many occasions. The brand thanks us for making them a part of our important traditions as the single message to communicate.

Branding here is done in a way that’s humble and non-apologetic. The music is attention-grabbing, and the spot has a very authentic look and feel to it by having the actors in each vignette singing the song.  The storylines are relatable and emotional, helping drive memorability and recall.  It’s a feel good spot and a great reminder of how their products have been part of our quality traditions.  The spot is consistent with their brand promise – Schneiders has great tasting recipes for any occasion.  This spot leaves us with an appetite for family and food.  Well done we say.