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Adhacked Review Tropicana Probiotics

This ad is formulaic.  Introduce the product, make it the hero, and create a rug-pull at the end to leave the viewer with a smile.  This classic formula has been proven across many categories as an effective way to communicate a message.  But in our humble opinion, there just wasn’t anything too memorable about the rug pull at the end of this one, leaving us with more a functional message than an emotional one.  We believe that it is here where the ad could have been improved to enhance recall, in addition to giving some proof points around the billion active cultures.

The insight was clear – Canadians are on a mission to be healthier, and probiotics play a role.  Typically, fruit juices are full of sugar and aren’t equated with a big dose of something ’healthy’.  This one is full of probiotics (a billion active cultures) and it’s something new in this particular category.  We applaud Tropicana for creating a line extension that meets the needs of consumers on their journey to making better choices.

The single message is clear too – there are a billion active cultures in the juice and that is reinforced with a see-say.  Branding is done well in this spot, with a product shot (in placement) to start the ad, making it the hero with the slow-mo product shot in use, and a portfolio shot at the end. In terms of recall, we believe it could be strengthened with a more effective rug-pull.

This spot has a consistent look, feel and tone to other Tropicana spots and for Probiotics specifically, has kept a consistent look across various mediums.  The breakthrough here isn’t so much the spot, as much as it is the product itself.  Maybe that’s enough, but we think there’s room for improvement to launch this new product in a way that’s a little more celebratory.