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Adhacked Review The Dinner Party | Dairy Farmers of Canada

We get it. Crying over spilled milk. It made us cry too.

That is the wrong type of emotion to evoke for this particular ad if they want purchase to happen.

The insight here is that there isn’t one. The closest that we can get is that they were trying to tap into the fad at the time (Mannequin Challenge). The problem with this is that it was indeed a fad. With a GRP buy as high as theirs, this simply leaves them looking stale (which is not how you want to enjoy your milk).

The single message to communicate in this ad is also missing. We are not sure what the take away was intended to be.

What story did it tell? We have no idea. As far as we could tell there was no story to be told.

Brand recall is lacking. What is this ad about? What are they selling?
We are not sure.

Consistency is also lacking. They did not use any brand mnemonics from any previous ad campaigns to drive brand recognition.

Look, feel and tonality left us with sadness, depression and darkness. Strange for a product that is so pure.

Not sure what we would have done differently, but here is a start. The Dairy Farmers of Canada have been around since 1934. They are the voice of Canadian Dairy Producers. They are run for farmers by farmers and represent about 12,000 farms. Maybe “farm to table” would have been a better trend to tap into with a more relevant storyline.