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Adhacked Review PetSmart Grooming: Baby, they’re worth it!

For pet owners, getting your dog groomed is an exciting time. The transformation that happens after grooming leaves you and your dog feeling primed and ready for life, and that is the insight we see rooted in this ad. The dogs look gorgeous, with clean and shiny coats, strutting their stuff as though they’re runway ready.

As viewers, the emotional connection we feel is a strong one, because we can all relate to how our dogs act a little differently once freshly groomed. They walk and run with a newfound confidence (it’s like they know they look good). The single message here is that Petsmart Grooming will make your dog look great – and they’re worth it.

The branding is present throughout the ad, done in a stylish yet subtle way.  There’s no question who the advertiser is, but your attention is on the beautiful dogs of various breeds. The slow-mo treatment draws us in further, making the ad more engaging and memorable.

The ad is a nice step-change from what we’ve typically seen from this brand, but they executed this spot in a way that’s believably them.  Their song of choice “Give it to me I’m worth it” reinforces their single message to communicate and helps the ad breakthrough amongst the clutter of other ads.

The look, feel, and tonality is clean, fun, and confident – leaving us with a desirable and positive connection to the brand.