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Adhacked Review Mr. Clean – Cleaner of your dreams

We are confused with this spot. And for millennials who didn’t grow up with Mr. Clean, they will be too.  If you’re not familiar with the brand’s icon prior to seeing this ad, you won’t get the reference to the odd looking cgi man dressed in all white having a flirtatious session with the woman in her home.  A suggestion for improvement would have been to start the ad with an intro to the man in white, to give him meaning.

The insight and single message are clear and they are one in the same: women find men who clean sexy.

Recall of the ad could be high given the different approach taken, but the brand link is something we believe could be missing for an entire generation, given their potential lack of connection and recognition of ‘Mr. Clean’.  Additionally, branding at the end is very brief, and there is no link from the man to the logo to close the loop for anyone with questions. This would have helped strengthen this spot for the brand specifically.

The look, feel, and tonality is different from what we’re used to seeing in this category or from this brand. We miss the jingle.

Warning: This cleaner may appear in nightmares.