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Adhacked Review Minute Maid Breakfast

Ok. We get it. You are an ad for Minute Maid. You sell orange juice. And you have a sponsorship with Breakfast Clubs of Canada so you set out to do something great.

The storyline was a ‘feel good’, the insight and single message of ensuring kids get a nutritious start to the day is one that resonates and the emotional connection was evident between the child and the adult.¬†Look, feel and tonality was consistent with the bright and sunny spots that we have seen in the past from Minute Maid. Brand recall is where we got an overdose of Vitamin C.

This is what happens when your creative department and the client product manager meet up. We think the conversation went something like this:


“I think we don’t have enough product placement”


“I will review it with creative and see what they say.”


“Are you crazy? We have placed the product over 30 times. It is enough.”


“Our creative feels that the product is adequately placed but of course you are the client and we can add more if you want.”


“That would be great. We need more placement. A lot more. Almost too much.”


“No problem!” (In our humble opinion, this is where the agency could have acted more as an advisor and partner).

Creative: (says to themselves this will not show up on my reel…)