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Adhacked Review Mercedes-Benz Snow Date

One good, dramatic song supported by simple, yet amazing visuals draw us in as viewers to pay attention to the insightful and emotional storyline of this commercial (hard to do in this era of multi-tasking and multi-distractions).  A premium vehicle stands out as a supporting actor in this spot about young love at the movies.

The single message to communicate in this ad is that Mercedes is a reliable vehicle that delivers regardless of the elements. It also instilled confidence, enough for the wife in this ad to encourage the drive through bad weather with her husband and son.

Branding in this ad was well done, from exterior and interior shots to strong logo placement at the end. All wheel drive, albeit not mentioned, was demonstrated with the journey into the theater parking lot which was covered in heavy snow. The fact that ‘the girl showed up after all’ made possible because she too had a Mercedes strengthened the overall branded plot line in a way that was authentic.

This ad had a super premium look, feel and tonality to it. It felt more like a short film with high production values consistent with the Mercedes brand.