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Adhacked Review Kijiji Shake On It

For most of us, we have had some experience or exposure to Kijiji. And for some of us, we’ve also tried the other guys.  For whatever reason, we’ve all had a better experience with Kijiji.  The spot “Shake On It” nails this insight, celebrating the positive feeling the seller gets from making a buck, and the positive one the buyer has from getting a good deal.

The ad starts out with the brand logo on a mobile phone, letting us know who the advertiser is. Then we’re immersed in a fun, upbeat, spot that captures happy emotions.  While the emotions are familiar, they leave some room in the relatability department as the interaction between buyer and seller is slightly more aspirational than realistic.  However, if this is a desired state and territory they want to own, this ad is a good starting point. They will need to be consistent with this type of execution without deviating from their key message or executional elements and do so over an extended period of time to really seed this and make it stick. Brand recall will improve as this campaign builds.

‘Shake on your next deal’ is the single message to communicate and it is an inviting call to action.  The song chosen and used in this ad helps reinforce the single message here.  We’re shaking on this one that it will turn into an effective campaign for Kijiji.