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Adhacked Review Interac Toy Store #MerryJanuary

Debt Debt Debt.  We hate it and it’s precisely why we love this spot from Interac. The insight is that no one likes the January bills or the January debt blues. So we’re connected emotionally here because they effectively convey an understanding of the thought process we go through as we spend.

They make us pause and think, not just because the actor did, but because it’s a true depiction of what we go through in our daily lives.

The single message is to stay in the black by using cash on hand via interac and not putting your purchase on credit.

The use of holiday themed toys singing the debt song is engaging and unexpected, not to mention catchy and recognizable.

The logo to start off the spot and the see-say that takes place is a strong branding mechanism to ensure we know who the ad is from.

The use of colours and main message is also consistent with all of the other work we’ve seen come from this brand recently, further enhancing brand recall.

The ad leaves us with the best pay-off – have a merry January and be in the black. We are feeling pretty joyful about this one.