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Adhacked Review Hard Work – Tangerine

As humans, we don’t typically like to watch negative things, and being reminded of work is another no-no when we’re at home relaxing on the couch and watching TV.  This ad from Tangerine wants to draw us in by showing some disturbing scenarios and then pay us off at the end with a positive message.  But how do we get there? Will we? Or as viewers, will we just change the channel the minute we’re exposed to the visual of an older man getting his back hair waxed off.

The insight is that we work hard for our money – going through some awful things to make a buck.  The emotional connection here for us was void until the very end. It was then that the message “you work hard for your money, but does your bank” resonated with us.  We got it.  But as a viewer, there’s a lot of investment that has to be made throughout the negative in this ad to get to the positive.  It is here that we would have liked to have seen a different approach.  Perhaps some copy on the visuals telling the positive story while we see the negative so we stay with it longer?

Either way, the brand recall is weak if you don’t watch the whole spot, but strong if you do because there is a strong juxtaposition.

Look, feel and tonality for the most part focuses on the negative so we aren’t fans.  Hopefully this isn’t something that’s consistent in the next one.