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Adhacked Review Canadian Tire – The Best Of Us Steps Up, Our Nation Stands A Little Taller

Warning: This ad will create goose bumps and have you feeling the red and white running through your veins.

There aren’t many Canadian brands that have the permissibility to own this spot with authenticity. Kudos to the marketing lead who carried the torch for this spot.

The insight in this spot, in our opinion, is about Canadians being Canadians – inclusive, empathetic, and supportive of one another.  The emotional connection this creates is one of unity, which is also a very strong single message to communicate.  Simply put, this spot is a beautiful story.

The branding is done in a subtle way, yet it is present, and gets introduced at a climatic point during the viewer’s engagement.  It creates memorability and a desire to share.  Both great attributes in driving brand recall.

The ad is consistent with a lot of Canadian Tire’s efforts lately – emotionally driven, difference making, shareable content with a warm and aspirational tone of voice.

When the best of us stands up, our nation stands a little taller. We feel like standing up too.