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Adhacked Review #EatTogether

This ad is insights based –  from multiple screen use by many (problem), to human-to-human connections (solution).  This is an emotionally rooted spot that captures the viewer’s attention based on relatability, and an overall feel good in a world where things haven’t been lately.  With diversity and age cohorts represented, a stronger emotional connection occurs.

The single message communicated is that food is our glue, and PC bonded us with this one.

This feels less like an ad and more like a story with a good ending.

Brand recall is high due to the disruptive nature of the spot, but we think PC could have been introduced earlier.

This spot is consistent with PC’s constant ability to appeal to a wide audience.

Look, feel and tonality are also consistent with the greatness that we have seen from this brand. The song choice “what the world needs now” helped this ad nail it.