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Adhacked Ad Review – Pure Leaf-Brewed Iced Tea From Seed to Sip

The insight here is that we are all paying more attention to what we’re consuming, and we’re looking for food and drink items with real and natural ingredients.  We feel an emotional connection to this insight, but less so to brand.

Here’s why: The first claim made in this spot is that the best things in life are real, and then the ad goes on to show things that aren’t (magical tricks of a hand producing a tea leaf, a jug turning into a bottle, etc).  It prevents us from being drawn into what could have been a very romantic story.  Additionally, with such a strong claim made out of the gate about ’real being best’, we are surprised that the brand chose production values that were cheap and looked fake.  Brands that are real should consider using the most authentic visuals possible to reinforce that message, and that includes considering the location in which the ad is being shot, as well as the props.

The single message here is that this iced tea is brewed with real tea leaves.  It is well branded.  It is consistent to everything we’ve seen from this brand since they launched a few years ago.  But the look, feel, and tonality is an acquired taste. And we haven’t developed one for this ‘less than real’ look.