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We are a team of strategic and creative minds that have united in an effort to recognize and give an objective opinion to ultimately help marketers, academics and aspiring marketing students everywhere.

Our opinion is fair and without bias. We have nothing to gain or lose. We just love marketing principles, disciplined approaches, and we know how to build brands. We review each submission objectively and comment accordingly. In each review we provide a brief narrative of the panel’s opinion,
followed by a pass or fail graphic as depicted below.

Adhacked will tell you if you nailed it or failed it, without having to go to an industry-focused awards event and endure another rubber chicken dinner. We much prefer giving free professional feedback (good or bad), with no agenda other than to celebrate great work
or suggest ways to make some work better.


Awards dinners don’t teach this.

To continue scroll down unless you feel like chicken tonight (or soon).

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